5 Essentials for Working Out at Home

Working out at home is convenient: it can save you time commuting to the gym, and you can work out at any time without having to share equipment or interact with strangers. In the midst of a pandemic, it may be essential to keeping you safe from COVID. Here are some tips for working out at home!

1. Motivation

Your motivation may be in the form of a workout buddy – perhaps your partner or maybe one of your friends from the gym. It can also be in the form of your fitness tracker as you track your steps, heart rate, and calories burned. Or perhaps your motivation comes from a scale, particularly if your goal is weight loss. Motivation comes in all different forms, but it is absolutely essential to figure out your motivation if you want to successfully work out at home! 

2. A Good Playlist, Podcast or Show 

Many people find that they enjoy working out more if they have music, a podcast, or a show to watch or listen to. Whether you are running on the treadmill, riding your bike, lifting weights, or doing bodyweight exercises, you can listen to energizing music or enjoy your favorite show. If you’re doing a relaxing yoga exercise, you can turn on soothing meditation music. It’ll help you to look forward to your home workout! A good pair of earbuds or headphones can make it easier to enjoy your music. 

3. Comfortable Athletic Clothing

Comfortable, moisture-wicking active gear is essential for any workout, even if you are just working out at home. It’s important to stay cool and Plus, even if no one is there to see you, it can provide a confidence boost when you look great! At GymGiant Gear Co., we have tons of athletic apparel for both men and women, including tops, shorts, leggings, and pants. You’ll look amazing and your clothes won’t get in the way of your workout! (Shop Men’s ActiveGear and Women’s ActiveGear here)

4. Resistance Bands 

If you only buy one type of workout “equipment” for your home gym, make it resistance bands! With these simple stretchy bands, you can greatly enhance your bodyweight workouts and stretches. They are incredibly versatile and you can use them in tons of different ways to work a variety of muscle groups. Resistance bands come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some have handles, others have bars attached, and others just look like a giant rubber band. There are even resistance bands specifically made for building finger strength!

5. Recovery Aids

The harder you work out, the more important it is to recover afterwards. There are many things you can do to help your body heal and recover. Use a muscle roller or a deep tissue massager to help stimulate blood flow and lymphatic flow to your muscle tissues. Also make sure to stay hydrated and keep your nutrient intake at the appropriate level. Again, the harder you work out, the more nutrients you will need. 

With these essentials, you’ll be ready for the best home workouts of your life! Shop all your fitness needs at GymGiant Gear Co.