How to Get the Most Out of Your Fitness Tracker 

At one time, fitness trackers were too expensive and bulky for the average person to use on a daily basis. But times have changed! Now, just about everyone can access a wealth of fitness data with incredibly affordable fitness tracker options. Fitness trackers are great motivators, helping wearers to meet their goals. Here’s what you need to know about these nifty devices!

Choose a fitness tracker that works for you

Your desired fitness tracker will depend on your budget, your goals, and the features you want. 

Some people want ALL the information and numbers that they can get their hands on! These people would benefit from a more advanced fitness tracker that tracks multiple different markers at once, like steps, heart rate, calories, sleep monitoring and more. A tracker with an easy-to-read screen is also a good idea for this type of person. Don’t worry – in most cases, you don’t have to pay a lot for more features! There are some very inexpensive devices that have a wealth of fitness-tracking features.

Others want a simple fitness tracker without all the bells and whistles. If you are this type of person, you may prefer a more discreet, simple, and easy-to-read fitness tracker that won’t bog you down with unnecessary information. Perhaps you’re just interested in steps and you don’t need a heart rate or blood pressure monitor. There’s no need to invest in a tracker that has features you don’t want or need!

Make your goals specific

Instead of having the goal to “fit into your favorite outfit” or something else that is hard to track and quantify, try basing your goals on the numbers that your fitness tracker displays. For example, your main goal could be to walk X number of steps per day or to get your heart rate up for a certain number of minutes each day.

Over time, you will want to gradually change and adapt your goals. Once you have achieved a goal, you’re free to move on to the next one if you’d like. Remember that if you’re working out more, you should also be resting and recovering more! Also, remember that any progress is good. You don’t have to be making a ton of progress all the time. It’s OK if your fitness plan is going slower than you had hoped. Building good fitness habits takes time! 

Measure your progress to stay motivated

Fitness trackers are great at measuring steps, heart rate, and other important fitness markers. Many people find that they are the best way to stay motivated on a daily basis. You can boost your motivation even more if you track your progress over time. Every now and then, look back at your old fitness data. (If your fitness tracker doesn’t log your data over time, you can write it down in a notebook or on your phone.) When you see how far you’ve come, you’ll feel an amazing sense of satisfaction in a job well done! 

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