Anti-Theft Sling Bag eprolo Right Shoulder
Anti-Theft Sling Bag eprolo Left Shoulder
Anti-Theft Sling Bag eprolo

Anti-Theft Sling Bag

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  • KEEP YOUR VALUABLE ESSENTIALS IN SAFE! - Our Personal Pocket Bag is for daily wearing, cleverly thought out with specially designed compartments from innovative materials. It provides a high level of functionality and comfort without sacrificing quality or style
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Fixed in a single point and with its weight distributed evenly, Our Personal Pocket Bag will stay secure next to your body. Whatever you do – walk, sit, stand up, gently lean, etc. – the bag will not slip to one side although it’s strapped only to one shoulder.
  • Wear it over or under your jacket - With its basic and minimalist – yet edgy and cool – design, It will surely become a staple of your everyday look.
  • Organized inside and out - The inside compartments allow for optimal item storage and easy access. Everything has its own place, and you always know where your things are – you don’t even have to look inside to find them because they will always be at your fingertips.
  • Left-handed or right-handed - We believe that all people should have the same opportunities, hence we made a bag that is available for right-handed and for left-handed people. Our design team made sure that the bag sits on the suitable side of your body depending on whether you`re left-handed or right-handed.