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Body Fat Tester | gymgiantgear
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Body Fat Tester

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Do you know your body fat percentage? Research shows that measuring body fat is a better indicator of health than weight. Our fat measurement tool serves as a homebody fat analyzer.

  • Scientific research has been passed down to show that skinfold measurement is a more reasonable and efficient approach to measuring body fat percentage than conventional weight and height measurement, as most of the fat is under the skin. So our body fat clamp is born with the mission of making such a precise and practical measurement of the skin fold.
  • This body fat gauge is so easy to use. Just pinch your skin fold, position the tool perpendicular to the fold, and release the jaws from the body fat gauge. Finally, record your measurement and match the table to get the result. You can use it at home or in the gym thanks to its portable and compact design.
  • Who needs it: Not too much or too little body fat is good for your health. Everyone needs a caliper measurement tool to keep an eye on body fat percentage, especially for those who need to strictly follow body fat conditions like dieters, bodybuilders, or patients suffering from body fat problems.
  • The greases clamp is made of durable ABS that guarantees a long service life. The dual scale (mm / in) resists fading and provides accurate measurement for more situations. For further consideration, the body fat measurement device is designed with the non-slip tooth side for a firm grip on the hand.